About Us

My Story

In 1989 I opened a teaching facility here in Worthington Ohio and called it Worthington Music. In 2015 we moved our studios to 6649 N High St. (The Colonial Building). Most of our lessons are for piano, violin, guitar and voice. 

Sharing my Passion

There are three parts to being a complete musician; student, teacher, and performer. Playing music on a very high level involves intense repetition. As a teacher, I often tell the same student, the same thing over and over again. Every time do this, I hear these instructions myself and benefit from what I am saying. Teaching is a wonderful way to learn.

Why Study Music?

Playing an instrument well makes you smarter. It is both physical and mental. No matter how well you are able to play, you can still improve. I've told many of my violin students that "If you can learn to play the violin, you can learn to do anything." 


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